BOS has proportionally one of the largest IT staffs in the industry. Our systems are more sophisticated and user friendly than our larger competitors. Most of our systems are built and maintained in-house. This gives us complete control over quality, upgrades and client requests. Our large IT "footprint" allows us to fulfill client requests in a fraction of the time common in the industry.

Web Services

Web Services

BOS has a flexible and extendable web application for benefit administration. We also build custom participant websites for each client. In some cases, current outsourced clients request that we replicate their existing website to minimize participant confusion. In other cases, we design totally new websites for the client.

Websites may be used for a variety of purposes, including participant self service, open enrollment, qualified life event processing, pension estimates, service inquiries, etc. Web enrollment systems calculate evidence of insurability requirements and base selections on group, zip code, age, dependent status or other criteria established by the client's plan rules. Other web features may include single sign on, health care selection modeling, FSA election modeling, dependent eligibility verification, etc.

Please Contact Us if you would like to see a demo of our applications.

Phone Services

BOS has a sophisticated phone system in which calls are recorded for training and verification purposes. Each client has one or more dedicated toll free numbers with unique messaging and service options. Clients can run reports to view phone call statistics and topics. Each time a participant calls a detailed note is made in the system which can be left open if additional follow up is required. BOS can also handle soft transfers to other vendors.


BOS offers its clients a variety of reporting options, including customized participant statements, vendor billing back-up, ACA requirements such as 6055 and 6056 reporting, auditing, benefit elections and much more. Reports can be downloaded by the client at any time. BOS offers customized fulfillment services with personalized stationary and envelopes. Custom reports can be configured to the client's requirements at no additional cost. Reports are generated in Excel, CSV or PDF format. Ad-hoc reports are typically produced within two business days if not sooner.

Vendor Feeds

BOS currently feeds or receives feeds from about 100 different vendors. In addition to insurance carriers, BOS communicates with payroll and HR systems such as PeopleSoft, ADP, Ceridian, Lawson, and others. Files are typically PGP encrypted and transferred via secure FTP. We support fixed width, delimited and 834 layouts. Status and exception reports are generated for each feed and emailed to the appropriate personnel. BOS has also implemented Single Sign On (SSO) and other SOAP transactions with vendors who require instantaneous information.


BOS uses the most current and sophisticated tools to develop its software applications. Applications are built on top of Oracle databases where all data is updated real-time. Documents are stored electronically in the database so all users with the appropriate authorization may access them quickly. Clients may store as much history as they desire. While we have an aggressive deployment schedule for enhancements and changes, we also have a rigorous testing process. Security, accuracy and agility are hallmarks of our success.


BOS has been our vendor from their inception. They handle our most complex plans with a seemingly infinite amount of patience and professionalism. We get glowing reports from our location HR managers, participants and vendors on their performance.

Steve Kiwicz -
Vice President, Compensation and Benefits

Benefit Outsourcing Solutions has and continues to be a vendor partner who continually exceeds expectations, thinks outside of the normal project scope and truly operates as an extension of our HR department. They turn projects around quickly and accurately.

Patrick Carr -
Vice President, Human Resources

BOS handles our plan administration efficiently and professionally. I don't know how they do it, but we never hear anything but raves about their service from our participants. Also, in all the years they have worked for us, we have never had an out-of-scope fee.

Susan Smith -
Corporate Manager, Health and Welfare Programs

Benefit Outsourcing Solutions understood the urgency of the project, how to get it done quickly and effectively, and I found them to be extremely resourceful and solution oriented. They even monitored the progress during the Christmas holiday while they were on vacation. A huge thank you!

Thomas Cahill -
Group Manager