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Finally, someone has benefit outsourcing figured out. BOS provides all of the services your company may need, including Health and Welfare, Defined Benefit and Consulting. Yet we do it with a level of efficiency, expertise and security that’s unsurpassed in the industry. All of which makes life infinitely easier for you.

Health & Welfare Administration

BOS provides a broad range of health and welfare administration services. In addition to the summary listed below, we are open to discussing any special administrative needs that you may have. This may include assisting with annual solicitations, early retirement buyouts or other programs requiring ad-hoc services.

• Eligibility database management
• Open enrollment processing
• Dependent eligibility verification
• Carrier interfaces, including inbound and outbound feeds
• Benefit service call center
• Claim advocacy
• COBRA/HIPAA administration
• FSA administration
• HRA/HSA administration
• Medicare D administration
• ACA Reporting, including 1094/1095 Form  fulfillment and transmittal
• Death claim processing
• Beneficiary management

• QMCSO processing
• Leave administration, including FMLA
• Participant premium payment plans,
including ACH transactions
• Client bank accounts, including reconciliation
• Carrier and vendor payments
• Discrimination testing
• Imputed income calculations, including preparation
of W-2s and W-3s
• Actuary and accountant interface
• FAS 106, FAS 112 and ad-hoc reporting

Defined Benefit Administration

BOS provides a comprehensive set of defined benefit and non-qualified Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) administration services. We are often successful in providing services to our clients that effectively reduce fees from plan actuaries, accountants and related professional services. Our basic defined benefit services include:.
• Eligibility database management
• Benefit call center services
• Death claim processing
• Beneficiary management
• Retirement benefit estimates
• Pension buyout administration
• Participant notices
• Government filings

• Discrimination testing
• PBGC audits and related filings
• Preparation of plan documents and SPDs
• FAS 87 and ad-hoc reporting
• QDRO processing
• Actuary, trustee and accountant interface
• Retirement applications and change processing

Consulting Services

In addition to Health, Welfare and Benefit Administration, BOS provides some of the highest-level consulting expertise in the industry. Because we are independent and unbiased, often our clients find that we can provide more sophisticated consulting services for considerably less than fees typically charged by major consulting firms. What’s more, consulting assignments are performed by principals with the knowledge and expertise to meet the complex needs of our clients. Some of our basic consulting services include:

• Strategic benefit planning
• External competitiveness
• Employee listening
• Plan design
• Actuarial services
• Compliance
• Vendor auditing
• Vendor assessment and solicitation
• Communications
• Plan document preparation
• Claim auditing


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