BOS has a flexible and extendable web application for benefit administration. We also build custom participant websites for each client. In some cases, current outsourced clients request that we replicate their existing website to minimize participant confusion. In other cases, we design totally new websites for the client.

Websites may be used for a variety of purposes, including:

• Annual and new hire enrollment
• Qualified life event processing
• Pension estimates
• Service inquiries
• Plan documents

• Forms including 1095-C
• Vendor contact links
• Beneficiary updates
• Confirmation statements
• Document uploads

Web enrollment systems calculate evidence of insurability requirements and base selections on group, zip code, age, dependent status or other criteria established by the client’s plan rules. Other web features include single sign on, health care selection modeling, FSA election modeling, dependent eligibility verification and more.
Please CONTACT US if you would like to see a demo of our applications.